Arqueonet 2016. I Encuentro de Marketing Digital para la difusión del Patrimonio Histórico

Sábado, 29 de octubre. Salón de actos, sala de conferencias y biblioteca, 9:00 a 20:00

Courses and conferences


Last years have brought dramatic changes into Archaeology as a science and difussion of Historical Heritage, especially in conexion with the so called ICTs (Innovation and Communication Tecnologies) and the Internet.

Arqueonet 2016 is the first meeting of new proffesional profiles related to this new scenario. Many archaeologists and professionals from other disciplines have learnt to talk about heritage in an accurate manner but also according to new communication tendencies.

This event is aimed to every one interested in education of History, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and its dissemination across the world wide web in any way ( web pages, blogs, discussion forums, virtual communities and any other contexts with an educational role). We have thought Arqueonet not only as a forum for exchanging ideas and working strategies, but also to stablish how to develop history education and how to manage historical heritage in the internet.

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