Villa Romana La Olmeda. 50 años de su descubrimiento,5 de julio,1968-2018

Miércoles, 11 de abril

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Villa Romana La Olmeda.Salto de línea 50th Anniversary of its discovery. July 5th. 1968-2018

Wednesday, 11 AprilSalto de línea Events Hall, 12:00-13:30Salto de línea Free admission

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The Villa Romana La Olmeda Link externo, is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Roman world in Spain. It is a great mansion of the Low Empire (s.IV d.C.). The central mosaic or "oecus" of 175 m2, preserves one of the main mosaics of the Roman world with three extraordinary scenes, the episode of Ulysses in Skyros, bordered by a beautiful frieze with a series of portraits possibly the owners of the mansion, and under the central theme a beautiful hunt of great realism. On the other hand in the multiple stays of the palace the great zone of baths is conserved in addition. They are more than 1,500 m2 of Roman mosaic preserved in situ in all its splendor.

Since its discovery on July 5, 1968, incidentally by Mr. Javier Cortes, the Provincial Council of Palencia Link externo took over the ownership and management of the site, and as the years passed the town organized to be open to the public , intensifying the work in situ of excavation, conservation, restoration and the scientific study of the deposit; at the same time that different roofs of the building were made to be visited.

In 2009, a new building was inaugurated by S.M. Queen Sofia. The site was covered with a building that allows the visit to the Villa and its conservation in a contemporary setting, allowing to contemplate and enjoy the archaeological remains, brilliantly solving the spatial and visit challenges that the installation requires The work was financed by the Diputación de Palencia with the help of the State and the Autonomous government. There are numerous architectural awards obtained, both nationally and internationally.

The Villa Romana La Olmeda, was declared a Site of Cultural Interest on April 3, 1996. Today, we can celebrate this anniversary, feeling real satisfaction and pride for having one of the best examples of Roman.

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  • Conferencia: La Olmeda, 50 años de arqueología y gestión de una villa romana, Rafael Martínez González (Jefe de Servicio de Cultura de la Diputación de Palencia)
  • Acto de Presentación del Programa de actos con motivo del 50 Aniversario del Descubrimiento de la Villa Romana La Olmeda


Dña. Maria Angeles Armisén . Presidenta de la Diputación de PalenciaSalto de línea D. Luis Calderón . Vicepresidente de la Diputación de PalenciaSalto de línea Dña. Carmen Fernández Caballero, Diputada Provincial de CulturaSalto de línea D. Andrés Carretero. Director. Museo Arqueológico


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