L’architecte mésopotamien et son projet de construction

Conferencia del Profesor Jean-Claude Margueron, Director emérito de la École Pratique des Hautes Études


Miércoles, 20 de junio
Sala de conferencias, 18:00
Asistencia libre y gratuita

 *Idioma francés sin traducción simultánea


In ancient Mesopotamia, the architect was faced to two series of difficulties: 1) the nature of the construction material viz. earth, of which almost every building was made, its fragile condition and its instability; and 2) the presence of humidity that is more important than it seems (rains, floodings, water table).

In order to successfully carry out his projects and ensure the lasting sustainability of cities, the architect needed to find technical solutions to the weakness of earth architecture. The choices he made prove his remarkable competence.