The invisible city of Augusta Emerita: waste, sewers and underground ruins


Miércoles, 20 de febrero
Sala de conferencias, 18:30
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Two titles are presented that delve into the investigation of the "invisible city" of Augusta Emerita from two different perspectives: the management of the waste from the old city and the first actions for the management of the archaeological site as it is understood at present.


Garbage and its elimination in Augusta Emerita

Jesús Acero Pérez (Universidade de Lisboa, FCT)

This study deepens into the main strategies for the elimination of urban waste, mainly sanitation systems, the sanitation systems, probably one of the greatest contributions of the Roman cities, but also of the least considered by the archaeological discipline.


The beginnings of tourism in Mérida

Carlos J. Morán Sánchez(Instituto de Arqueología-Mérida, CSIC-Junta de Extremadura)

The second study deals with the project that, at the beginning of the 20th century, manages to combine archeology, diffusion and enhancement of the site, laying the foundations of the greatest economic engine of the city: tourism.


The presentation will be in charge of Trinidad Tortosa Instituto de Arqueología-Mérida (CSIC-Junta de Extremadura).