Rituality and exhibition. The knowledge of the medieval Christian
liturgy through images, books and musealized objects.

Conferencia de Ángel Pazos-López, Universidad Complutense de Madrid



Miércoles, 29 de mayo
Salón de actos, 19:00
Asistencia libre y gratuita

Presentación a cargo de:

Sergio Vidal Álvarez, MAN
Rocío Martín Bonet, Caminos del Románico



The liturgy penetrated into the life of the medieval Christian man, making itself present on a daily basis in all spheres of his existence. This ritual component of medieval religiosity has reached our days either through the numerous written sources that we conserve, or from the meanings that have some pieces exhibited in current museums (such as objects, ornaments, books or iconographic scenes). The interpretative possibilities of the ritual past of the Middle Ages offered by some of these currently exhibited works are enormously wide: from bringing the general public closer to the Christian cultural dimension of a thousand years ago, to enabling new scientific paradigms for researchers in ritual studies. From the analysis of some paradigmatic cases of national and international institutions, is proposed an approach to the ritual culture of medieval Christianity centered on medieval musealized objects.

Con la colaboración de Caminos del Románico