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Carter and Carnarvon. A destiny, a dream, the awakening of the young pharaoh

October 20. Events Hall, 6 p.m. Free admission


Howard Carter y Lord Carnarvon en la entrada de la tumba de Tutankhamón Pulse para ampliar

Esther Pons. Head-curator of the Department of Egyptian antiquities and the Near East (MAN). Co-director of the excavation of Oxyrhynchus (El-Bahnasa), Egypt

On November 4, 1922, H. Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Many years had passed since the archaeologist H. Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon decided to make a dream come true, to find the tomb of Tutankhamun. After many years of excavations in the Valley of the Kings in search of the longed-for tomb, Lord Carnarvon considered their aspirations had come to an end, but the tenacity of Carter made his patron give Tutankhamun one last chance. And this time yes, the dream became reality and destiny united Carter, Carnarvon and Tutankhamun forever.

On November 26, Carter made a small hole in the wall of the tomb, set a light inside it, and hundreds of richly decorated objects, many of them gilded, appeared before his eyes. Carter could only pronounce four words “ I see wonderful things”.


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