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The tomb of Tutankhamun: the musealization of an archaeological find

November 24. Events Hall, 6 p.m. Free admission.


Ajuar de la tumba de Tutankhamón Pulse para ampliar

Isabel Olbés Ruiz de Alda, Assistant curator of the Department of Egyptian antiquities and the Near East (MAN)

The discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon was a landmark in Egyptology and, from a museological and museographic point of view, a great challenge.

This communication will try to show how the objects found in the tomb have been presented to the public, from its very first location in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, to what will be its new arrangement in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), at the end of this year, without overlooking the magnificent exhibitions that have been held over the last century in different countries, such as the United Kingdom (London, 1972), an exhibition that continues to be studied as a milestone in museology, having perhaps been the first blockbuster with 1.6 million visitors.

It is important to understand what objects were presented to the public and in what way, the information that was provided and the museographic discourse as well as the repercussion it had on the visitors.


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