El Argar up Close: New Discoveries at La Bastida and La Almoloya


8 October
Lecture hall
6 pm


Presentation of the principal finds made recently at the Argaric sites of La Bastida and La Almoloya (Murcia), most notably the monumental fortification system of La Bastida and the palatial complex with a princely tomb at La Almoloya.

These objects represent a heritage of incalculable value, considering that they have never been published and the last major finds, made by the Siret brothers over 130 years ago, are now mostly held outside of Spain.

The results of the excavations and analyses represent a qualitative leap forwards in our understanding of the El Argar society and, by extension, shed light and offer new perspectives on Bronze Age culture in Europe.




Vicente Lull, Rafael Micó, Cristina Rihuete Herrada y Roberto Risch. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Presentación de los hallazgos en La Bastida y La Almoloya

Kristian Kristiansen, Universidad de Goteborg
East-West and North-South Iberia and outside world during the Bronce Age

Robert Chapman, Universidad de Reading
El impacto de los nuevos hallazgos en la Región de Murcia para el conocimiento de las relaciones políticas de la Edad del Bronce