Amenhotep I, Herihor and the mysteries of Deir el-Bahari of the 21st Dynasty

Miércoles, 5 de octubre. Sala de Conferencias, 19:00


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Wednesday ,5 OctoberSalto de línea Lecture Hall, 19:00Salto de línea Free admission

Lecture in english

Since 1999 the Polish Cliff Mission was engaged in the researches high in the cliffs above the famous Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari. Since the very beginning we started to find traces of intensive human activities there. On something that was looking as a ledge in the cliffs a gigantic artificial accumulation of stones and debris was found, no doubt once made intentionally.

Seven graffiti with the name of the Royal Scribe of Necropolis Butehamun of the early 21st Dynasty suggested that that person was responsible for these works. Robbery tunels found there made us suppose that maybe a tomb was hidden there; in such a place it must have been only a royal tomb. Thus we started to think that maybe we are researching the area of the Herihor's tomb, never found, because Herihor was living in the same period as Butehamun. However, just in the second year of our works we discovered an object probably originating from a royal funerary equipment, but...of the early 18th Dynasty. Thus, we started to consider that maybe we are rather on the track of the tomb of Amenhotep I, also never found. These two hypotheses accompanied us during the whole period of the works until 2015. And finally it looks very probable that the riddle has finally been solved, and that the one hypothesis mentioned above does not excludes another one...

The lecture is intended to lead the audience through the process of the unveiling the mystery and to explain the quite unexpected results we have attained.


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