Los límites del Imperio. Una arqueología comparada

Miércoles, 21 de diciembre


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Round Table

The limits of Empire. A comparative archaeology

Wednesday, 21 December Salto de línea Lecture Hall, 18:00Salto de línea Free admission

Capacete, Siglo XVI-XVII, MAN Pulse para ampliar

The forts of Sancti Spiritu (Argentina) and San Juan (USA) and the colony of San Salvador of Quelang (Taiwan) were founded respectively in 1527, 1566, and 1626. These three episodes and their rapid and sometimes dramatic resolutions are milestones in the transoceanic history of the Spanish Crown between Charles I and Philip IV.

Three leading experts will present the results of their archaeological investigations at these sites, emblematic material evidences of a century in which the Crown expanded its limits beyond the imaginable, and whose consequences shaped the history of humanity throughout the Modern Age.


  • Pedro Díaz-del-Río (Instituto de Historia, CSIC)


  • Sergio Escribano (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Robin A. Beck (University of Michigan)
  • María Cruz Berrocal (Universität Konstanz)