The church of San Miguel Arcángel. A fortified church in the village of Turégano.

Conferencia de L.Miguel Yuste Burgos, Caminos del Románico


Jueves, 28 de septiembre
Sala de conferencias, 19:00
Asistencia libre y gratuita


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Sergio Vidal Álvarez, MAN
Rocío Martín Bonet, Caminos del Románico


Fortified churches have a very distinctive typology that can be easily divided into two main groups: churches that were first built as religious temples and then were fortified, and towers or castles to which churches were added, over time. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of the different stages of this type of construction in order to understand their history.


With regards to the church of San Miguel Arcángel, the lack of documents and the changes that have been made to it due to the diversity of uses and customs of the times make drawing precise conclusions particularly complicated, however nowadays we can have a relatively clear idea of the historiography of the church of San Miguel Arcángel and the castle of Turégano.


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