Individuo, sociedad y creencias en la literatura del antiguo Egipto

 Curso impartido por Antonio Morales, Profesor de Egiptología, Universidad de Alcalá(UAH)


Lunes 4 a viernes 8 de junio
Salón de actos, 17:00 a 19:00
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Centro de estudios del Próximo Orienete (CEPO)
Museo Arqueológico Nacional


Ancient Egyptian literature in general and its fictional compositions in particular are certainly not well-known materials by the general public and often ignored in the introductions to ancient literature. The Egyptian compositions reveal the same sophistication, style, sense, and function as some of the most famous compositions in the Ancient World and, therefore, deserve both to be acknowledged by the general public and to receive the adequate focus by the experts. In spite of the numerous publications, references, and courses, there are major difficulties in studying satisfactorily these literary compositions. In this course participants will analyze the main aspects of ancient Egyptian literature, its major genres, categories, and characteristics, focusing on the fictional literature of various periods. The main goals of this course are to offer a detailed knowledge of the fictional production in pharaonic times and to understand the Egyptian perception about the individual, society and religion.

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