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Leo Frobenius y su misión en Arabia y Eritrea
durante la Primera Guerra Mundial

Conferencia de Rocío Da Riva (Universidad de Barcelona)


 Martes, 12 de junio
Sala de conferencias, 19:00
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Between the end of 1914 and the beginning of 1915, the German ethnologist Leo Frobenius led an expedition through Arabia and northeastern Africa. The expedition, officially called "Fourth German Central African Research Expedition," was actually a political mission, of somewhat chaotic organization, at the behest of the intelligence services of Germany and Turkey. The ultimate goal of the mission was to deliver mail with delicate instructions to the isolated German legation in Addis Ababa. From Constantinople to Asmara, passing through Damascus, Yanbo and Hodeida, by train, on mules, camels and ships, Frobenius and his companions managed to circumvent the vigilance of the powers of the Entente and to cross Arabia and the Red Sea in the middle of the Great War and reach Eritrea.