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Open Workshops

Domingos 2019 y 2020, 11:30-14:30


Talleres abiertos, talleres autónomos Pulse para ampliar

Open Workshops, Self-led Workshops

The museum has opened its activities room to the public. In this space, any visitor can independently carry out one of seven different activities related to the exhibits. Each activity has a small sheet with all the information needed to complete the workshop without assistance. If any questions arise in the course of the activity, the activities room monitor will be standing by to help.

Thanks to the Open Workshops, Self-led Workshops initiative, an active, participatory space has been made available to the general public, extending an open invitation to engage in mental and manual activities tailored to the capacities of all users, both children and adults.

Domingos, 8 de enero, 5 de febrero, 5 de marzo, 2 de abril, 7 de mayo, 4 de junioSalto de línea Sala de actividades, 11:30 a 14:30Salto de línea Asistencia libre y gratuita

Talleres abiertos, talleres autónomos Pulse para ampliar