Self-led Visits 

The Museum offers a free educational package with a script, notes and manual activities to carry out a self-guided FAMILY TOUR and continue learning at home. Each family member has an important role:


  • the boy or girl aged 10 or older directs the tour, reading and filling in the script,
  • the boy or girl aged 7 or older collects the necessary facts in his or her notebook to carry out the manual activity at home,
  • the adult encourages comments with the help of the + 18 notes.


Collected at the INFORMATION desk. Only one package per family will be given. Each week, the museum will make a limited number of folders available to families with children over age 7.

Walking towards You... from Prehistory

This tour explores the mystery of our most distant past and allows visitors to discover the long road of human evolution, from Lucy, the Australopithecus afarensis who walked upright, to Homo sapiens—in other words, us.

The Magical Power of Hieroglyphics

Discovering how to interpret hieroglyphics will help girls and boys to appreciate the importance of the invention of writing, discover its usefulness and learn about the magical power it held for Egyptians.


Why is the Lady of Elche famous?

A personal answer to this question is the final aim of a tour on which, by observation and comparisons, you will discover a Lady of Elche who, for various reasons, is enigmatic, fascinating and unique.


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