Guillem, the pilgrim


Year of our Lord 1135: the fearful Guillem is obliged to undertake a pilgrimage to Compostela to ask the apostle Saint James to end the plague ruining the vineyards of the county. But before reaching the end of the world, Guillem will encounter a new society coming into being along the Way of St James: new churches, new towns and new people coming from all over Europe to populate the northern kingdoms. Guillem returns, he too will be a new person.

"Yes, it’s me, Guillem de Sitges, in the flesh. You’re scared, your eyes are open wide. You think I’m the ghost of Guillem, an apparition from the underworld. But no, it’s me. I’m alive, thanks to God, our Lady the virgin Maria and our Lord apostle St James, to whom I commended myself so many times. It’s me, the same vintner of this county who left this church 18 months ago to reach the end of the world."


Sundays: 18 September, 27 November
Events hall (Basement). Capacity 180, 4 places for people in wheelchairs
Start time, 13:00. Duration: 30 minutes. Recommended age: +10

Activity free until an capacity is reached. Get your ticket at the TICKETS counter on the day of the activity.

The events hall opens its doors at 12:45


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Guillem, el peregrino