Protagonists of History

Dramatised Monologues

This series takes us on a carefully researched, credible journey through the history of Spain, from protohistory to the Middle Ages, told by those who witnessed it first-hand. We will hear the voices of people who lived or could have lived through critical and significant episodes in our history. Some are historical characters mentioned in authentic sources, while others are part of the mass of anonymous individuals whose personal experiences were not recorded. However, all of them were—as we are today—protagonists of history, and now they finally have a chance to tell us their stories.

Events hall, 1 pm
Duration: 30 minutes
Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are available on the day of the event at the TICKET desk.


Areva, una mujer de Numancia

Areva, a Woman of Numantia

Domingo, 6 de octubre

The moving tale of Areva, an inhabitant of ancient Numantia, will allow the audience to share her memories of the historical events surrounding a key episode in the Roman conquest of Hispania: the Numantine War.

Gaius, a Roman Engineer of Calagurris

Domingos, 20 de octubre y 17 de noviembre

A discussion between the Roman Gaius and his neighbours in Calagurris about the costs and inconveniences of hydraulic engineering works will give us insight into how Roman technology improved everyday life.

Wamba, Agony and Death of the Visigoth King

Domingos, 1 y 15 de diciembre

The year 688 ... At the monastery to which he has retired, Wamba receives a visit from his nephew Egica, the newly crowned king. Close to death and tormented by pain, the unjustly deposed Wamba reminisces about his reign and offers his nephew advice.

Subh, Sayyidah of the Caliph

Próximas fechas en enero de 2020

The late 10th century. Subh, the queen mother, gathers her scribes and viziers in the halls of the palace in Córdoba to dispatch the official correspondence of the Caliphate of Al-Andalus, the richest land in the West ... even while she suspects that Almanzor is betraying her.

Guillem the Pilgrim

Próximas fechas en febrero de 2020

Year of Our Lord 1135: the timorous Guillem must go on a pilgrimage to Compostela and ask Saint James to end the plague that is ravaging the vineyards of his home county. But before he reaches the end of the world, he will discover a new society taking shape along the Way.

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