Exhibit of the Month

La caída de los ángeles, detalle

Series: Founding Collections. The Cabinet of Antiquities and Coins of the Royal Library

This series is dedicated to the royal collections that were part of the assets used to found the National Archaeological Museum. It begins with selected pieces from the collections of the Museum of Antiquities and the Coin Cabinet, which belonged both legally and formally to the Royal Library created by Philip V, and which grew during his successors’ reigns.


Sundays, 11:30 h

Salas de Prehistoria

Series: The Human Adventure

The exhibits featured in this series represent milestones in the human adventure of being and existing on our planet. Each is a response to a challenge, an elemental need, but it is also a testament to our human ability to foresee and create and, ultimately, the product of socially accumulated and conveyed knowledge.


Sundays, 12:15 h.