Astrolabios en al-Andalus y los reinos medievales cristianos



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Astrolabes in al-Andalus and
the Hispanic Medieval Kingdoms


Jueves, 21 de marzo
Sala de conferencias, 19:00
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Relevant experts will share their views on the astrolabes made in al-Andalus and in the Medieval Spanish kingdoms as a paradigmatic example of symbiosis between art and science. The roundtable will focus in two recently published books: "Astrolabes in al-Andalus and the Spanish Medieval Kingdoms" and "Catalogue raisonné of the astrolabes of the Medieval Spain" by Azucena Hernández Pérez. She who will be accompanied by the historians of science David A. King (Univ. Frankfurt) and Julio Samsó (Univ. Barcelona) and the art historians Susana Calvo, Javier Martínez de Aguirre and Juan Carlos Ruiz Souza, all from the Complutense University of Madrid. The experts will deal with multiple aspects of the astrolabe: scientific, cultural, symbolic and artistic, highlighting the connections between the astrolabes and the architectural spaces "of knowledge" together with the cultural reality in which the Andalusian production and that of the Hispanic Christian Kingdoms were imbricated. Other issues such as the manufacture of the astrolabe, from its conception and design to its materialization, or the presence of the astrolabe in madrasas, mosques, monasteries and universities will also be addressed.