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The Sedes of Ordines decurionum in Hispania. Architectural analysis and typological model. 

Dr. Manuel Bendala Galán

Wednesday, May 14
19:00 h.
Lecture Hall


This volume gathers the contributions of the scientific meeting with the same title, held in Mérida in September 2011 as part of the project “Rome and the provincial capitals of Hispania”. The book gives an update of the registry of the buildings catalogued as curia in the Peninsular land, exploring its origin and the conveyance of its architectural model as well as its processes of adaptation to the different political, economic and social realities in which it is set.

The various authors thoroughly analyze each building from an architectural perspective, merging at the same time the urban, historical and epigraphic information available. The introduction is a summary study carried out by Professor J. Ch. Balty, world-renowned reference on this subject.