The Days of the Aliseda Hoard, I

Jueves, 8 de mayo, 19:00 h


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The Days of the Aliseda Hoard, I. Story and Historiography of the Discovery

Presented by the authors

  • Alonso Rodríguez Díaz
  • Pablo Ortiz Romero
  • Ignacio Pavón Soldevilla
  • David M.Duque Espino

members of the PRETAGU Research Group, with the participation of

  • Marina P. Villegas Gracia, D.G. de Investigación Científica y Técnica. Minedo
  • Rosa Liberal Acosta, presidenta de TAGUS
  • Alicia Rodero Riaza, Dpto. Protohistoria y Colonizaciones, MAN

Thursday, 8 MaySalto de línea 19:00 h.Salto de línea Lecture hall

The Aliseda Hoard, found on 29 February 1920, ranks among the most important finds in Spanish archaeology. Today, nearly a century after its discovery, there are still many unanswered questions about how it came to light and its original archaeological context.

Both questions have been addressed in a research project conducted over the past several years by the PRETAGU Research Group from the University of Extremadura. This book contains the results of their efforts to clarify the story and historiography of the discovery, while the hoard’s archaeological context will be explored in a future second volume.

El Tiempo del Tesoro de Aliseda, I Historia e historiografía del hallazgoSalto de línea Alonso Rodríguez Díaz, Pablo Ortiz Romero, Ignacio Pavón Soldevilla y David M.Duque Espino: TAGUS, Asociación para el desarrollo integral Tajo-Salor-Almonte, 2014, 272 pp. Índice

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