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Art, Landscape and settlement in the Oukaïmeden valley (High Atlas)

Jueves, 19 de noviembre


Art, Landscape and settlement in the Oukaïmeden valley (High Atlas)

Edited by: Marisa Ruiz-Gálvez

Valle de Oukaïmenen Pulse para ampliar

Thursday,19 November,18:00Salto de línea Lecture HallSalto de línea Free admission

Organised by: Museo Arqueológico Nacional y Departamento de Prehistoria de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid


  • Andrés Carretero Pérez, Director del Museo Arqueológico Nacional
  • Ilmo. Sr. Agregado Cultural de la Embajada del Reino de Marruecos en España ( o representante de la misma)
  • Ilmo. Sr. Director del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España (o representante de la misma)
  • Victor Fernández Martínez, Catedrático de Prehistoria de la UCM
  • Mª Luisa Ruiz-Gálvez Priego, Departamento de Prehistoria de la UCM
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The book we are doing the presentation, Art, Landscape and settlement in the Oukaïmeden valley (High Atlas), offers the results of a project developed in the High Atlas in cooperation with the Moroccan authorities.

It has been developed under a landscape perspective, considering that the landscape is both, a cultural construction and a projection of how human beings living in a given space, perceive, organize and experience that space.

Our hypothesis was that the valley, located at 2630m a.s.l., was colonized very late, not before the Mid Holocene, connected with environmental changes caused by the displacement of the summer monsoon and the onset of more arid conditions.

Investigación en el Valle de Oukaïmen Pulse para ampliar

Also that it was the value of bovines as mobile wealth, the reason behind the first summer visits to Oukaïmeden, profiting of snow melting and wet pastures in the valley. The control of critical resources as summer pastures could be underlying into the act of carving rock art.

Research project