Prehistoric visual language. A methodological proposal

Blanca Samaniego Bordíu


Tuesday, 24 May
Lecture Hall, 19:00
Free admission


  • Alfredo Jimeno Martínez, Departamento de Prehistoria Prehistoria, UCM
  • Gonzalo Ruiz Zapatero, Catedrático, Departamento de Prehistoria, UCM
  • Juan Vicent, Investigador IH-CSIC
  • Blanca Samaniego, Doctora en Prehistoria UCM


When we visualize and we read into prehistoric art we are making a semiotic act, an act of creation of meaning; and the semiotic theory can help us to become aware of how we do it. This book addresses the formal analysis from graphical Semiotics, and contextual analysis applying the Peircean pragmatic model and using a more theoretical category: the sign-limit.

The method is tested first in the rock shelter Los Letreros, and it’s applied later on different materials and well known places from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Neolithic.The autor suggests, in short, their understanding through categories of meaning beyond the original speech, a methodological perspective to think and discuss for its benefits in advance of knowledge called Prehistoric Art, here understanding it from the logic of visual language.