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  6. La guerra en Grecia y Roma

La guerra en Grecia y Roma

Miércoles, 25 de mayo

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Greece and Rome at War

Peter Connolly

Wednesday, 25 MaySalto de línea Lecture Hall, 19:00Salto de línea Free admission


  • Alberto Pérez Rubio, Coeditor, Desperta Ferro Ediciones
  • Javier Gómez Valero, Coeditor, Desperta Ferro Ediciones

Desperta Ferro Ediciones is proud to present Peter Connolly's (1935-2012) classic masterpiece, La guerra en Grecia y Roma (Greece and Rome at War).

Historian, archaeologist expert on military culture and technology, and very talented illustrator, Mr. Connolly left us a panoramic vision of the Classic World combining a great attention to detail in the representation and analysis of weaponry, fortifications and vessels, with a lively account of the campaigns and their strategies and tactics. All this in a revised edition updated with the last scientific advances in the historical research.