Los Dornajos

Round table

Somewhere in La Mancha. Singular sites in Late Prehistory. Los Dornajos (Hinojosa, Cuenca)


Thursday, 23 June
Lecture hall, 19:00
Free admission



  • Catalina Galán Saulnier (prof. jubilada Dpto. Prehistoria y Arqueología UAM)
  • José Lorenzo Sánchez Meseguer (Centro de estudios calatravos)
  • Rafael Garrido Pena (Dpto. Prehistoria y Arqueología UAM)
  • Ruth Maicas Ramos (Dpto. Prehistoria MAN)


A few years ago a new ceramic style was discovered during the archaeological fieldworks in Los Dornajos (Hinojosa, Cuenca). The pottery fragments presented a rich decoration in the inner part and on its external surface, unforeseen until this excavation.

New information and findings provide a new perspective in order to understand this ceramic and the singular context of this morra.

In the occasion of the publication by Arkatros Ediciones of a complete studio of Los Dornajos, a round table is proposed by the Museum. The richness and diversity of archaeological record from the Bronze Age of La Mancha will be discussed.