Centenary of the Declaration of the Burial Chamber at the Iberian Necropolis of Toya as a Historic-Artistic Monument. 1918–2018

10 April–June 2018

The burial chamber of Toya is the finest example of Iberian funerary architecture in Spain. Located on the hill of Cerro de la Horce, opposite the village of Toya (Peal de Becerro, Jaén), it is part of a large necropolis and was originally the tomb of a royal personage buried in the first quarter of the fourth century BC.

It was discovered by chance in 1908 and declared a Historic-Artistic Monument by royal decree on 10 June 1918.

The National Archaeological Museum’s collection of artefacts from Toya includes more than 1,000 pieces, fourteen of which were selected for display in SHOWCASE 0. Other important pieces can be seen in the museum’s permanent exhibition (Galleries 10, 11 and 13).