Egypt and the Near East

Kerma ware

Kerma (Nubia)
2500-1500 BC

This vessel has an uneven convex base and burnished surfaces with a reddish slip on the bottom and a black slip at the top and inside. It is a typical example of Kerma ware, with very thin walls and a lustrous metallic appearance. These types of vessels are commonly found in tombs, forming part of the grave goods.


The Fertile Crescent, which includes Egypt and the Near East, witnessed the emergence of the first urban civilisations, the first centralised political structure and the first monumental architecture. The objects in this section shed light on the vast contributions to civilisation made by Mesopotamian cultures. They also offer an insight into the unique natural environment in which the ancient Egyptians and Nubians lived, as well as their daily life, religious beliefs and funeral customs.

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