Egypt and the Near East

Wall relief from the tomb of Neferkhaw and Satbahetep

Herakleopolis Magna (Ihnasya el-Medina, Egypt)
9th-11th Dynasties (2160-1990 BC)

This depicts scenes associated with the funerary banquet. Priests perform the ritual ceremonies and bearers bring offerings of food for the deceased’s ka: the foreleg of an ox, figs, bread, geese, etc. The figures head towards the offering tables opposite which the deceased will sit to receive the food.


The Fertile Crescent, which includes Egypt and the Near East, witnessed the emergence of the first urban civilisations, the first centralised political structure and the first monumental architecture. The objects in this section shed light on the vast contributions to civilisation made by Mesopotamian cultures. They also offer an insight into the unique natural environment in which the ancient Egyptians and Nubians lived, as well as their daily life, religious beliefs and funeral customs.

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Near East