Torcs from Sagrajas

Sagrajas (Badajoz)
Late Bronze Age
Early 1st millennium BC

An outstanding example of prehistoric goldsmithing in the Iberian Peninsula, this solid, rigid necklace weighs more than 2,000 g and clearly illustrates the Late Bronze Age custom of amassing precious metals. These types of objects are frequently found buried in uninhabited areas, forming what have come to be known as hoards.


The objects in this section of the catalogue refer to different aspects of the daily lives of the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula during this long period. They primarily include implements made out of stone, bone, clay or metal, which demonstrate how human beings became increasingly skilled at exploiting their environment during the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze ages.

Glotón del Jarama



Ídolo placa

Neolithic and Chalcolithic


Ajuar de El Argar

Bronze Age