Pectoral from Aguilar de Anguita

Necropolis of El Altillo, Aguilar de Anguita (Guadalajara)
Celtiberian culture
5th-early 4th century BC

Elite Celtiberian warriors protected their torsos with leather and linen breastplates. Sometimes the front and back of these plates were covered with bronze discs like these, originally gilded and decorated with a repoussé pattern. These discs hung from chains and were complemented by oval or circular plates, which were also decorated. Their finest parallels can be found in the Mediterranean region, and this pectoral is therefore thought to be a prestige object, used for ceremonies and exhibition purposes rather than on the battlefield. The geometric decorative motifs are associated with astral themes and may have had an apotropaic function, serving to protect the wearer.


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