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Las Exposiciones Históricas de 1892

Las Exposiciones Históricas de 1892

El Archivo Fotográfico de este Museo conserva una serie de positivos sobre papel tomados con motivo de la celebración de las Exposiciones Históricas de 1892. Además de estos fondos, se han localizado otras fotografías en distintas instituciones, que también documentan gráficamente ambas exposiciones y que se reúnen por primera vez en un único catálogo. Contextualizaremos estas fotografías, así como lo que aparece en ellas, profundizando en el conocimiento de un momento muy concreto de nuestra historia.

Exposición Histórico-Natural y Etnográfica de 1893

1893 Natural History and Ethnography Exhibition

Among the many items held in the museum’s Photographic Archive, we find 32 prints on paper taken on the occasion of this exhibition in 1893. These photographs serve as the starting point for offering an overview of that historical moment from different perspectives, and for reviewing the museums and institutions where the objects featured in that exhibition are housed today.

Cervantes Collections

To mark the 400th anniversary of the birth of Miguel de Cervantes, the state museums are joining the celebrations with a joint catalogue of collections relating to the author.

Sharing History

Sharing History. Arab World–Europe / 1815–1918

The catalogue, coordinated by the organisation Museum with No Frontiers (MWNF), combines work from 22 countries in Europe, Arabia and the Middle East at the Ali explores the relationships between Arabia, the Ottoman world and Europe between 1815 and 1918, one of the most complex periods in history. The National Archaeological Museum and another seven state museums have contributed, providing a selection of pieces from their collections. 3,000 objects are being exhibited, organised into very varied thematic areas from the economy and trade to archaeology or fashion.

Museums in Sharing History 

MAN en Art Project

MAN Google Art Project

The Spanish Museo Arqueológico Nacional has developed a partnership with the Google Cultural Institute to show online and through the Google Art Project a selection of its most important artworks. At the Art Project MAN site the visitor will found 94selected items from the collection including a high resolution image and also its basic descriptive information.


Colecciones Iberoamericanas de museos españoles

Latin American Collections in Spanish Museums

This catalogue features a varied selection of artefacts with a Latin American connection or provenance from the collections of 23 Spanish museums. The National Archaeological Museum is represented by 2,281 coins struck in the Americas.

Descubrir el Arte islámico

Discover Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Catalogue of the virtual collection and themed exhibitions coordinated by Museums With No Frontiers, which features important pieces of Islamic art from 14 Mediterranean countries and the European Union. A selection of Hispano-Islamic and Mudejar artefacts from the National Archaeological Museum and the historic monuments associated with them can be accessed via the catalogue.

Patrimonio en femenino

Heritage from a Female Perspective

The Heritage from a Female Perspective portal offers a series of themed catalogues with selected pieces from different museums, including the National Archaeological Museum, united by a gender-based discourse.

Colecciones portuguesas en museos españoles

Portuguese Collections in Spanish Museums

The Cultural Encounters portal provides access to two online catalogues: Portuguese Collections in Spanish Museums and Spanish Collections in Portuguese Museums. The pieces in the Spanish museums are arranged according to the following themes: Work, The House, Prayer, Living in Society, Creativity and War.