General views

Particularly important among the graphic documents of the 1944-1950 excavations are 53 general views of the excavated places and the La Bastida area. The semiarid landscape is characterised by features caused by heavy fluvial erosion such as gullies, arroyos and alluvial deposits, among which small conical hillocks are interspersed. The geographic features recognisable in these graphic documents are an arroyo, Rambla de Lébor, a gully, Barranco Salado, and a bluff Cejo del Pantano, in one slope of which is the opening to a cave, the Campico del Centeno.

With regard to sites, as well as La Bastida the Chalcolithic site Campico de Lébor stands out, appearing on a large number of views photographed from different locations.

Vista desde el Este del área correspondiente a la Cata I del asentamiento calcolítico Campico de Lébor

View of the Campico de Lébor, Totana, from the East

Vista desde el Sur del asentamiento calcolítico del Campico de Lébor en la que se puede ver parte de la explanada aprovechada para el cultivo de almendros

View of the Campico de Lébor, Totana, from the South

View of the Campico de Lébor, Totana, from the South-East

General view of La Bastida, Totana, 1948 campaign

General view of the Campico del Centeno Cave, Totana

General views of the Rambla de Lébor, Campico de Lébor and Barranco Salado