Texts and credits

The following texts complement the precise, detailed information provided by the photographs presented in this thematic catalogue. Some of them put the images into context showing the different phases of La Bastida’s occupation between 2200 and 1550 BCE and explaining what Argaric society was like; others highlight contributions these unprecedented graphic records to current research into the site; and finally, others show the importance of photography as a documentary technique in archaeology. An article on the Totana archaeological forgeries published in 1931 is also included.

The following institutions and people have made the project to catalogue and digitise the photograph collection corresponding to the La Bastida and Campico de Lébor sites possible:


Departamento de Documentación. Museo Arqueológico Nacional:

Virginia Salve Quejido
Fernando Fontes Blanco-Loizelier
Begoña Muro Martín-Corral
Aurora Ladero Galán
Concha Papí Rodes
Ana Belén Bermejo (Digitalización)

Departamento de Prehistoria. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona:

Vicente Lull Santiago
Rafael Micó Pérez
Cristina Rihuete Herrada
Roberto Risch
Magdalena Escalas Vallespir
María Inés Fregeiro Morador
Camila Oliart Caravatti