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Many of the ninety-four postcards of Venice, more of which are in the journal, show the city’s emblematic places, the Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal and its palaces, but, above all, the Piazza San Marco and the Basilica, and interior exterior views of the Doge’s Palace. Another large group of photographs is of objects and paintings in the Galleria dell´Accademia and Archaeological Museum del Museo Arqueológico, and others reproduce etchings and drawings of different places and monuments in sepia, all the latter being by the publisher A. Sorocchi. Unusually, there is one postcard in colour.

The postcards from the photography firm Foto SAM were mounted in pairs on backing and labelled by Emilio Camps. Other publishers represented are Fiorentini, A.B.V., Calcografía I.G.D.A., Böhm and Erka.

Loggia del Palacio Ducal de Venecia Loggia del Palacio Ducal de Venecia

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