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The trip journal

The journal consists of two small booklets, 10.5 x 15 cm in size, made and bound by the author by hand, with blank or squared paper pages and a cardboard cover by way of a case. He could have been keeping a chronicle, more or less free in style, which he could later use to draft a report of the trip for the Ministry of Public Education and Fine Arts, which had authorised it.

The handwritten text is mixed with drawings, notes expanding on the information on museums or monuments, and small photographs taken by the author and carefully inserted, illustrating the contents.

Emilio Camps’ style in the journal is fast and fluid, with an extensive vocabulary in keeping with what he is describing. It is enjoyable, amusing and informative writing, parts of which are sometimes impressionistic, describing his impression of a piece of art or a person’s features in a few words. Accurate and ironic, the author was able to capture a very personal style in the journal, in keeping with the times.

In this catalogue, the carefully digitised, original document, the transcription of the two booklets, and online access to the annotated publication are presented.

In the transcription, the original has been respected as much as possible, only the few typewritten lines entered by the author being omitted, being irrelevant to the contents of the writing. However, the handwriting being clear and easily legible, the reader can read the facsímile of the journal directly, if he so wishes.

The annotated edition contains all the complementary documentation about the age, people, places and historic circumstances of 1930 surrounding the writing of these notebooks.

Página del diario con dibujos de San Juan de Letrán Página del diario con dibujos de San Juan de Letrán
Documento original

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