Loose journals

These seven notebooks contain details of various projects undertaken at Gatas, Las Anchuras, Cuevas, Parazuelos and Almizaraque, as well as bibliographic notes.

The journals on the Gatas and La Bastida sites were written by site supervisor Pedro Flores, the first between 27 January and 1 April 1907 and the second between 21 November and 12 December 1886.

The notebooks on Cuevas, Parazuelos and Almizaraque contain texts in Louis Siret's own hand and drawings, notes, stratigraphic cross-sections, plans, etc., compiling a wide variety of miscellaneous information.

Finally, a journal with the word "Bibliotheque" on the cover was used by Louis Siret to write down the titles in his book collection, indicating the subject matter, author's name, title and a few numerical references.