Villaricos field journals

The Villaricos journals were written by Pedro Flores between January 1890 and June 1914. This documentary group contains notebooks of similar size with reports on the Villaricos graves numbered from 1 to 1842. On both the cover and the first page, Flores noted the location and the date on which he started the journal. Siret later added notes which sometimes overlap Flores's handwriting, which must have been almost invisible by that time. These notebooks condense the information on each burial, and texts are interspersed with miniatures of certain artefacts recovered from the grave in question.

Pedro Flores always followed the same pattern in his notebooks: location of the tomb, description of its structure and grave goods, approximate number of interred individuals and, in most cases, a schematic plan with the location of the pieces.

In connection with these journals, we find three notebooks belonging to Flores but written by Louis Siret. The "Villaricos" journal from May 1911 only contains data on that site, with stratigraphic cross-sections and sketches of tombs. The second, "Mojácar Villaricos", also includes information on Loma del Campo, Loma de Belmonte, Cuartillas and other prehistoric sites in the municipality of Mojácar. Finally, a notebook that originally had a ring binding, entitled "Ostrich Eggshells", has one entry for each grave where ostrich eggs were found, in which Siret wrote down the grave number and drew a sketch of it showing where the grave goods were found. On the right side of each entry, he drew the eggs from that grave with their decorative motifs.