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Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum

The catalogues of the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum (SNG), literally “collections of Greek coins,” are the result of an international project sponsored by the Union Académique Internationale, the purpose of which is scientific publication and dissemination of the coins minted in the Greek cultural sphere (in a very wide interpretation, from the Atlantic coast to the north-west of India) in museum collections throughout the world, but in order to encourage knowledge of and research into coins in the ancient world.

The project began in the United Kingdom in 1931 and soon became the essential reference series for cataloguing and study of ancient coins (excluding Roman coins). It is directed by the International Numismatic Congress (INC), the authorisation of which is required by all participants.

This guarantees the quality and scientific rigour of the works published, which must also adhere to a standard format. Spain joined the SNG in 1994 with the National Archaeological Museum’s numismatic collections, three volumes of which have been published to date.

In recent years, the INC has been developing online access to collections, an initiative which the National Archaeological Museum joined in 2007. The online version maintains the basic SNG format used in the field of research all over the world and also suitable for the general public.

The first two volumes published in print format have thus been put online: 3,018 records and 6,036 digital images corresponding to the coins issued by Carthage in Iberia (commonly referred to as “Hispano-Carthaginian”) and Phoenician-Punic cities in the Iberian Peninsula.

Trishekel hispano-cartaginés, c. 237-227 a. C. Inv. 1993/67/1551 Trishekel hispano-cartaginés, c. 237-227 a. C. Inv. 1993/67/1551

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