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Vase with deer and eye-like markings

Department of Prehistory
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Handmade recipient, baked in a reducing environment, with a rounded bottom and inwardly sloping sides Incised decoration with waves, deer and eye-like markings, Salto de línea Chalcolithic Age. From Tomb 7 in Los Millares, Almeria. Salto de línea Inventory Nº: 1976/1/Mill/7/6Salto de línea Material: Clay.

State of conservation:

Incomplete, broken vase which has previously been restored using filling with painted plaster to reintegrate the larger missing parts. In the course of the restoration, paper paste mixed with organic glue, used as filling for cracks and fissures, and the remains of a yellowy film based on ground garlic, used in the last century to make the surface shine and in order to bind the disaggregated clay, were found.


Mechanical and chemical cleaning with hydroalcoholic solutions and acetone were carried out to remove the remains of paint and garlic. The old plaster reintegrations were touched up but not completely removed to prevent the mechanical strength of the recipient being reduced. When the old additions had been smoothed and joined, the vase was chromatically integrated with acrylic pigments; an acrylic resin was then applied to protect the original surface.

Pulse para ampliar The vase before restoration
Pulse para ampliar Restoration process
Pulse para ampliar Close-up of the paper paste

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