About us

Mission statement

The Library is an information and documentation centre specialising in Archaeology, History, Numismatics and Museum studies. The Library aims to support research and teaching activities as well as to strengthen the development of the National Archaeological Museum’s general objectives.


Vision statement

Becoming a reference library for researchers interested in the subject matters stated in the mission statement with a higher visibility at national and international level.

Library areas

  • Lockers
  • Copying room
  • Reference Desk
  • Reading Room (reference collection – UDC classification system)
  • Room B (open access stacks with journals and books published since 1990)
  • Storerooms (closed access stacks)

Closed access stacks can be requested to the Reading Room. You must complete a request form available at the Reference Desk. These works are listed on the catalogue with the following shelf marks: FC, FE, FA, DP, SA and PP.


Contact us
C/ Serrano, 13, 4th floor
28001 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 91 577 79 12 (Ext. 273545)


Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.30 - 14.30 
(Planned closures)

Closed access stacks will be delivered until 14.00 h.