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Middle Ages

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Estudio científico de los fondos de escultura de la Antigüedad Tardía del Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Período estimado de realización: 2023 – 2026

Responsable: Paula Pagés Alonso.

El programa interno tiene como objetivo la revisión, documentación, catalogación, contextualización y estudio de los fondos de escultura de la Antigüedad Tardía custodiados en el Museo Arqueológico Nacional, con el fin de crear un corpus sistematizado visible en web para su difusión, y elaborar un estudio monográfico respecto a su procedencia, técnica, iconografía y funcionalidad para su publicación.

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Research and cataloguing of the illuminated parchments of the Middle Ages of the National Archaeological Museum.

Estimated timeframe: 2023-2025

Lead researchers: Department of Medieval Antiquities

The project aims to enhance one of the important collections housed in the museum, which today is practically unknown to the public: the collection of folios and fragments of medieval miniated parchments, gathered by Manuel Rico y Sinobas and sold to the museum by his son in 1901. The project includes their cataloguing and research, restoration, digitisation and outreach, the latter being its main objectives.

Quemaperfumes. Irán, siglo XI Pulse para ampliar

Catalogue raisonné and scientific study of metalwork in the eastern Islamic collection of the National Archaeological Museum

Estimated timeframe: 2021–2025

Lead researcher: Helena Lahoz Kopiske

The eastern Islamic collection contains a considerable number of metal pieces with a wide variety of uses, types, dates and geographical origins. Thanks to their aesthetic and utilitarian value, these items were constantly traded and transported, illustrating the intricate relations between different regions of the ummah (community of believers) since the eighth century. The research project aims to create a corpus that will reveal the richness of this collection and, as a secondary goal, study its origins, contexts and uses. The project results will eventually be published online and in a catalogue raisonné.

Misa de San Gregorio, detalle. Retablo de la Iglesia del Monasterio de Santa Clara, Palencia Pulse para ampliar

Catalogue raisonné and scientific study of 15th-century painting

Estimated timeframe: 2020–2024

Lead researcher: Solène de Pablos Hamon

This internal programme aims to conduct a scientific study of the 15th-century paintings in the Medieval Antiquities Department and catalogue them.

Jarra de Manises, siglo XV Pulse para ampliar

Study and cataloguing of Manises and Paterna pottery at the National Archaeological Museum

Estimated timeframe: 2020–2021

Lead researcher: Beatriz Campderá Gutiérrez

The first phase of this project entails compiling a corpus of all medieval ceramic objects from the Valencian pottery workshops of Manises and Paterna at the National Archaeological Museum. In the second phase, we will catalogue and study the pieces and eventually publish the catalogue.

Azulejo persa. Siglo XIII-XIV Pulse para ampliar

Eastern Islam in the collections of the National Archaeological Museum

Estimated timeframe: 2019–2022

Lead researcher: Medieval Antiquities Department

This project aims to review and organise the National Archaeological Museum's collections of eastern Islamic pieces from the medieval and early modern eras (8th–19th century), with a view to publicly exhibiting them sometime in the future.

Completed programs

Placa cancel de Mérida Pulse para ampliar

Catalogue Raisonné and Scientific Study of Sculpture from Late Antiquity and the Visigothic Period (4th-7th century) at the National Archaeological Museum

Estimated timeframe: 2021

Lead researcher: Sergio Vidal Álvarez

Cataloguing and study of the museum’s collection of sculptures from between the fourth and seventh centuries. The pieces will be studied from an iconographic, typological, formal and material perspective, with a view to publishing the results in a monograph.

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Byzantine Material Culture in the MAN Collections (5th-12th century)

Estimated timeframe: 2015-2021

Lead researcher: 2021: Sergio Vidal Álvarez

Publication of all Byzantine and Eastern European artefacts from the fifth to the 12th century managed by the Medieval Antiquities Department at the MAN.

Sarcófago de Puebla Nueva Pulse para ampliar

Stone Materials used to Manufacture Sarcophagi in Late Antiquity: The MAN Specimens

Estimated timeframe: 2013-2017

Lead researcher: Sergio Vidal Álvarez

Petrological analyses of the materials used in the MAN sarcophagi from Late Antiquity, made at a workshop in Hispania, with a view to their subsequent interpretation, study and publication. The results will allow us to draw conclusions about the nature and scope of activity of Hispania’s sculpture workshops in the fourth and fifth centuries.

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Study of Plundered Artefacts from the Visigothic Necropolis of Castiltierra (Segovia)

Estimated timeframe: 2013-2017

Lead researcher: Isabel Arias Sánchez

Following the drafting of the report on Camps and Navascués’s official excavations (1932-1935), prepared by members of the Medieval Antiquities Department, we will proceed to identify and study the artefacts plundered from this necropolis, which will entail archiving (National Archaeological Museum/ General Government Archive[P1] ) and comparing them with the artefacts held at the MAN.


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