Modern Era

Cataloguing the 16th - 19th century ceramics collection


Supervisors: María Ángeles Granados Ortega; Carmen Pérez-Seoane

The project centres on studying the historical context and characterising the typology of this institution’s holdings of 16th-19th century ceramics, with collections including tiles, earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware produced in the main Spanish and European centres of production of the Modern Era.

Cataloguing the 16th - 19th century sculpture collection


Supervisor: Juan Cruz Yábar

The Modern Era department’s sculpture collection is extremely diverse in quality, age and materials. Most of the pieces, whether small or large in scale, are made of stone, wood, ivory, wax, or bronze. The project will centre on monumental sculpture and will complete the catalogue with research on historical sources and the production of high quality technical and graphic documentation.