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Iberia Graeca: Documentation Centre on the Greek Presence and Trade in Iberia

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  • Timeframe: since 2006
  • Lead Institution: Museo Arqueológico Nacional y Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya-Empúries.
  • Participants Institutions: Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya-Empúries, Institut Catalá d’Arqueologia Clasica, Departamento de Historia del Arte, UAM, Ayuntamiento de l’Escala (Girona), Museo de Burriana, Castellón.
  • Lead researcher: Xavier Aquilué (MAC)
  • MAN Researcher: Margarita Moreno Conde
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Different research projects pursued by the National Archaeological Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia-Empúries in recent years have produced a major database documenting the Greek presence and trade in Iberia. Both institutions have generated, and continue to generate, a vast body of documentary information which ranks among the most important in Spain on Greek archaeology in Iberia.

The aim of the project is to create one huge databank, fully organised and updated, with numerous cross-references, which historians specialising in the ancient world of the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula can use as a precise tool for reconstructing various historical processes: systems of production, trade and colonisation, development and construction of social systems, legitimisation of power, ideological and symbolic constructions, interactive phenomena, etc.

The project’s main objectives are to create a corpus containing all Greek imports found in Iberia, to analyse the physiognomy and chronology of Greek imports by studying their forms and types, workshops and painters, iconography and chronological and geographic distribution, and to analyse the contexts of these Greek imports.

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