Egypt and the Near East

Temple of Heryshef. Portico

Spanish Archaeological Mission in Egypt: Excavations at Herakleopolis Magna (Ihnasya el-Medina)

Timeframe: 1984-present

Lead institution: National Archaeological Museum. Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Department
Lead researcher: Dr. M. Carmen Pérez Die

Burial chamber in Tomb

Excavation and Restoration Project at the Archaeological Site of Oxyrhynchus (El-Bahnasa), Egypt

Date: 1992-present

Lead institution: University of Barcelona
Lead researcher: Dr. Josep Padró Parcerisa
MAN researcher: Dr. Esther Pons Mellado

Portada. Detalle

Champollion Project. Egyptian Treasures in Europe: The Collection of the National Archaeological Museum

Timeframe: 1996

Lead institution: Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research (CCER), Faculty of Theology, Utrecht University
Project leader at the MAN: Mª Carmen Pérez Díez
MAN participants: Esther Pons, Mª Jesus Rubio, Laura Rodríguez, Salomé Zurinaga, Department of Numismatics