Champollion Project. Egyptian Treasures in Europe: The Collection of the National Archaeological Museum

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In 1996 the Council of Europe approved a programme to publish multimedia contents in CD-ROM format of the Egyptian heritage held at European museums.

In this context, the Centre for Computer-aided Research at Utrecht University in the Netherlands requested financial aid for the project called CHAMPOLLION: Cultural Heritage And Multilingual Programme Of Long-standing Legacy In Open Network, which intended to showcase the most representative pieces from several Egyptian collections in Europe. The project was eventually given a more general title: Egyptian Treasures in Europe.

The results were released progressively in the form of monographic CD-ROMs. Volume VII of the Egyptian Treasures in Europe series was dedicated to the NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM in Madrid

This CD (in English and Spanish) presents 1,517 artefacts, with photo illustrations and detailed information compiled from an IEDS (Integrated Egyptological Database System) database devised specifically for this project. This database had been equipped with a Multilingual Thesaurus and a program that could be used to copy and transcribe the hieroglyphics found on the artefacts, as well as a glossary of nearly 400 terms which explains key themes related to ancient Egypt.

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