Middle Ages

theatre mask mosaics

"Landscapes, Architecture and Material Culture of Ancient Iberia Research Group"

Timeframe: 2013-2016

  • Lead institution: Prehistory and Archaeology Department, Faculty of Geography and History, National Distance Learning University (UNED)
  • Lead researcher: Mª del Mar Zarzalejos Prieto
  • MAN researcher: Sergio Vidal Álvarez
Sarcophagus lid with scenes from the story of Jonah

Systematic Research Project at the Archaeological Site of Carranque (Toledo)

Timeframe: 2004-present

  • Lead institution: Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha
  • Lead researchers: Mª Carmen Fernández Ochoa, Virginia García Entero
  • MAN researcher: Sergio Vidal Álvarez


Bote de kohl, cristal de roca. Detalle

Al-Andalus, Hispanic Kingdoms and Egypt: Art, Power and Knowledge in the medieval Mediterranean Sea

Timeframe: 2014-2017

  • Lead Institution: Department of History of Art I (Medieval Art). University Complutense of Madrid
  • Lead Researcher: Susana Calvo Capilla (UCM)
  • MAN Researcher: Isabel Arias Sánchez
fragmentos de crustae y elementos arquitectónicos de caliza de Espejón

Marmora Hispaniae. Exploitation, use and spread of Espejón limestone in Roman and late ancient Hispania

Timeframe: 2014-2017

  • Lead institution:Proyecto Estatal de Programas I+D+i Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. HAR2013-44971-P
  • Lead researcher: Virginia García-Entero
  • MAN researcher:Sergio Vidal Álvarez