"Landscapes, Architecture and Material Culture of Ancient Iberia” Research Group

Yacimiento de La Bienvenida (Ciudad Real), vista aérea (Foto: equipo de investigación de La Bienvenida)

The recently created research group, “Landscapes, Architecture and Material Culture of Ancient Iberia”, managed by the National Distance Learning University (UNED), is pursuing several lines of research that aim to analyse a variety of themes related to the settlement of the Iberian Peninsula, from the final stages of prehistory to the dawn of the Middle Ages.

The common denominator of these research projects is the study of the landscape as an interactive backdrop and reflection of the actions performed in it by human beings. From this central theme, the group will branch off into studying different facets of the material culture—painting, mosaic art, sculpture, pottery, metal materials, etc.—of the historical periods inside the project’s chronological scope and, within those periods, architecture as a work that distinguishes and typifies the functional, constructive and symbolic aspects of every era and geographic location.

Archaeometry and its various analytical methods, which aim to solve specific problems deriving from the analysis of the abovementioned elements of material culture, is a valuable tool for obtaining and interpreting data in every line of research pursued by the group. As this working method is particularly important for our purpose, the group is made up of multidisciplinary researchers from different Spanish and international institutions.