Iberian Notebooks in 3D


  • Project leader: Trinidad Tortosa, Instituto Arqueología, Mérida -CSIC-
  • Researchers: Ángel M. Felicísimo y María Eugenia Polo. Centro Universitario de Mérida
  • MAN researcher : Dra. Alicia Rodero Riaza

The primary goal of this project is to offer 3D images of six selected pieces representative of pre-Roman Iberian culture from the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid.

Cerro de la Mesa (Alcolea de Tajo, Toledo)

Identity and Territory in the Middle Tagus Valley during the Late Bronze and Iron Ages

Timeframe: 2012-2014

  • Funding institution: Ministry of Science and Innovation (Project HAR2011-25191).
  • Lead researcher: Dr. Juan Pereira Sieso
  • MAN researcher: Dra. Alicia Rodero Riaza

The principal aim of this project is to establish the emergence of a distinct social identity in the middle River Tagus Valley during a period of profound changes, namely in the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age, by examining the occupation of the region at that time. The project is centred around the middle River Tagus Valley, a 60-km stretch of land between Talavera de la Reina and Talavera la Vieja, with a special focus on the archaeological site of Cerro de la Mesa.


Fíbula Requijada

Segeda and Celtiberian Mountains: From Interdisciplinary Research to the Development of a Territory

Timeframe: 2012-2014

  • Lead institution: University of Zaragoza (I+D+I 2012-36549)
  • Partner: Regional Government of Aragón
  • Lead researcher: Francisco Burillo Mozota, University of Zaragoza. Segeda Centre of Celtiberian Studies
  • MAN researcher: Magdalena Barril Vicente

The study of the Celtiberian town of Segeda—encompassing both the archaeological research and conservation of the town and its materials as well as experimental archaeological studies on the methods employed in its economic activities—is the focus of this ambitious project to obtain a broader perspective of the Celtiberian world.



Templete, Puig des Molins

Religio Phoenicia Occidentalis: Phoenician-Punic Worship in the Far West

Funding institution: Ministry of Science and Innovation (Ref.: HAR 2011-27257)

Timeframe: 2011

  • Lead researcher: Dr. Maria Cruz Marín Ceballos
  • MAN researcher: Dra. Alicia Rodero Riaza

Study of religious beliefs and practices in the far western sphere of Phoenician-Punic influence, focusing on aspects of life and death and on both coastal regions and inland enclaves, where there is archaeological evidence of a strong presence of Phoenician-Punic communities.

Toro de Osuna

Iberian Sculpture: Technological, Iconographic and Historiographical Study

Timeframe: 2008-2011

  • Funding institution: National Research Plan. Ministry of Science and Innovation (HUM2007/60074).
  • Lead researcher: Dr. Teresa Chapa Brunet
  • MAN researcher: Dra. Alicia Rodero Riaza

Research into Iberian sculpture has shed crucial light on several aspects of the Mediterranean, providing key knowledge not only about methods of manufacture, workshops and styles but also about the social role of sculptors and their patrons. The study of different examples of Iberian sculpture has allowed us to form a global picture of the process involved in creating these pieces, and for the very first time we have identified the presence of what might be interpreted as the sculptor’s mark, or the possible other functions of these types of signs.



Tannit, Ibiza: The Cave of Es Culleram

Timeframe: 2007-2010.

  • Funding institution: Ministry of Science and Innovation (Ref.: HUM 2007-63574).
  • Lead researcher: Dr. María Cruz Marín Ceballos
  • MAN researcher: Dra. Alicia Rodero Riaza

Revision of the excavations and archaeological record of the cave shrine of Es Culleram (Ibiza), with a special emphasis on the typology and iconography of the most expressive votive terracottas dedicated to the worship of the Punic goddess Tinnit.

Dama de Ibiza

Ancient Religion: History and Archaeology of the Ancient Religions in the Southern Iberian Peninsula

Timeframe: Since 2002, still in progress

  • Funding institution: Regional Government of Andalusia, Ministry of Education (HUM-650).
  • Lead researcher: Dr. Maria Belén Deamos
  • MAN researcher: Dra. Alicia Rodero Riaza

Studies on religion in the southern Iberian Peninsula during pre-Roman and Roman Antiquity, based on literary and archaeological sources and with a special emphasis on the different aspects of religious practices (funerary and non-funerary, public and private).