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José Latova. Forty Years of Spanish Archaeological Photography

27 de abril-27 de agosto de 2017. Visitas guiadas: Miércoles, 18:00

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Máscara de Neb (José Latova) Pulse para ampliar Máscara de Neb (José Latova)

As the title indicates, this exhibition is a retrospective of 40 years of Spanish archaeology in pictures, through photographs taken since 1975 by José Latova Fernández-Luna, a name associated with Spain’s most important archaeological projects and cutting-edge research.

Over a hundred photographs, four audiovisual pieces, and a plethora of published work by Latova, from his earliest professional work at the Sub-Directorate General for Archaeology in the Ministry of Culture to the present day, illustrating how archaeological documentation and dissemination have changed over the years.

The exhibition prompts us to think about the role of archaeological photography and its development in Spain as one of the most effective forms of documentation over the last forty years, thanks to the support of public institutions, and it recognises photography’s contribution to documenting our heritage.

Through these materials, we are able to document and reconstruct the entire process of an archaeological dig (discoveries, processes, jobs, people, techniques, etc.); and we can also reconstruct our past through the narratives created by archaeologists based on the photographs taken at those sites, evoking memories which help us imagine what our ancestors were like, the societies they lived in, their houses, fortresses, and tombs, and their daily life, rituals, and ceremonies.

Latova has contributed innovative technical solutions to archaeological photography, such as the use and application of digital technology, photogrammetry, 3-D scanners, and multispectral images and their analysis, which are now applied to research projects on cave painting, restoration, preventive conservation, and the Djehuty project (Egypt), directed by José Manuel Galán.

Autorretrato con la Dama de Elche Pulse para ampliar
Tumba de Hery, Djehuty (Luxor, Egipto) Pulse para ampliar
Cueva de El Reguerillo Pulse para ampliar
En la villa de Noheda (Cuenca) Pulse para ampliar
Excavando en la Cueva del Castillo (Puente Viesgo, Cantabria) Pulse para ampliar
En la cueva del Pindal Pulse para ampliar
Toma de imágenes multiespectrales en la sala de polícromos de la Cueva de Altamira (Santillana del Mar, Cantabria) Pulse para ampliar
Cueva de Peña Escrita (Almuñécar, Granada) Pulse para ampliar
Hipogeo calcolítico de Humanejos (Parla, Madrid) Pulse para ampliar
Acueducto de los Milagros (Mérida, Badajoz) Pulse para ampliar
Templo de Debod (Madrid) Pulse para ampliar
Vista general del sector musealizado del yacimiento visigodo de Navalahija (Colmenar Viejo, Madrid) Pulse para ampliar

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