Tersícore, Parque Arqueológico del Molinete (Cartagena)

2 October - 9 December2018


Organised by
Ayuntamiento de Cartagena - Consorcio Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
Museo Arqueológico Nacional

José Miguel Noguera Celdrán
María José Madrid Balanza
Izaskun Martínez Peris

Opening hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 9:30 – 20:00
Sundays and public holiday: 9:30 – 15:00

Free admission

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Apolo, Parque Arqueológico del Molinete (Cartagena)

The exhibition MVSES presented an extraordinary group of Roman mural paintings, three pictures depicting Apollo and the Muses of poetry, Calliope and Terpsichore.

The murals were discovered during recent excavations in the Edificio del Atrio or Atrium Building at El Molinete Archaeological Park (Cartagena), in what was once the urban centre of the ancient Roman colony of Carthago Nova, one of the most important cities in the western Mediterranean.

Probably the work of artists who were born or trained in the Italic region near Mt Vesuvius, the three paintings have been dated to the second half of the first century, although they were found in the context of a third-century renovation of the building.

Thanks to the discovery in an adjacent room of part of a painted panel with an inscription dated to the second half of the year 218, we know that these panels were removed from their original location, reinstalled elsewhere and reused as if they were antiques.